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Gift Guide to Buying Your Bookkeeper a Present

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  • August 29, 2017
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Your bookkeeper may not seem like an important person in your life. However, without him or her, your finances would probably be a mess; your bookkeeper keeps you from complete financial ruin. Therefore, it makes sense for you to want to show him a little appreciation.

Whether you are just rewarding him for a job well done, or buying a small birthday surprise, our bookkeeper gift guide will help you find the ideal present for your financial life saver.

Candy or Food

Buy a couple bags of sweets, and then pour them out into a shallow bowl or dish. Let your bookkeeper know these treats are available for his snacking desires. Make sure you purchase things he eats by asking him about his favorite candies. Go even further by buying him a personalized bag of candy.

Order a customizable bag of M&M’s as a present. Use Groupon’s M&M’s coupons to save on this purchase, and buy additional personalized features. Also consider ordering gourmet candy, like a box of chocolate covered strawberries  or premium chocolate buttercreams.

Also, consider having a meal displayed when your bookkeeper enters your office or home. Order out or make dinner and share it with him. Stock up on snacks in addition to the candy. Supply both healthy and unhealthy snack options for your bookkeeper.

Gift Cards

Treat your bookkeeper to a meal or drinks with restaurant gift cards. Ask your accountant about his favorite place to get coffee before work, or his favorite local restaurant. Order online, or make a trip to that shop, and buy a gift card that contains at least $25 on it. Present it to him wrapped in a thoughtful thank you note.

If you know a little more about him than his coffee preference, buy a gift card that highlights one of his hobbies or passions. For example, buy him a gift card to DICK’s Sporting Goods if he’s very into physical activity like golfing and snowboarding.

Personalized Thank You Cards

Write a short thank you card. A card showing gratitude is not the most glamorous gift, but it creates the right sentiment of appreciation and respect for your bookkeeper’s hard work and time.

If you work with your bookkeeper all year long, give him the thank you card at the end of the year, along with a bonus. If you only work with your bookkeeper during tax season or certain projects, give him a thank you card, and a bonus or small token of appreciation, at the end of each project.

Use a Thank You card template to design your own thank you card.

Personalized Merchandise

Buy him a ‘World’s Best Bookkeeper’ mug or some fun bookkeeping related trinket. Use Etsy to find a large selection of unique gifts all about bookkeeping. A simple search of the keywords ‘bookkeeper’ produces lots of cute, fun, and creative gifts. This is where you can really shine as a client, for example

Office Supplies

Invest in some nice office supplies for your bookkeeper. For gift options, think stationery paper with beautiful graphics, a premium ink pen, a briefcase, bookeeping software, or a leather notebook.